Product Name:Walk-in Cold/Freezer Room

Item No.:WICR/WIFR 10-40 CBM

Product details

How to define a quality cold/freezer room
Prefabricated modular walk-in cold room complete with floor, wall and ceiling panels, mono block/or  split type cooling units, supplied with all necessary mechanical and electrical fittings and equipment  for quick and easy installation in the field. The complete unit is also designed for installation in a  housed area such as a warehouse in order to meet temperature design standards. 

Features of Cold/Freezer Room
√  10-20-30-40 Cubic meter for selection.                                                                                   
√  Design based on WHO/PQS technical standard.                                                                           
√  Dual Cooling System for double security of vaccine.      
√  Alarm system for preventive action.                                                                                           
√  Natual Refrigcerant R290 HC, GWP<5 and ODP=0.

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Refrigeration unit
√  The unit is designed to operate from a mains supply of 380 volts, 50Hz, 3 phase(220V single phase for 10m3 equipment, and for 110V is also optional) with dual refrigeration units, which is sized to give 100% stand-by capacity designed to operate at +2°C to +8°C in a maximum ambient of 43°C. 
√  The electrical control unit is equipped with “Bipolar differential magneto thermic circuit breaker” and electrical protection against overcurrent, over voltage, single phasing and phase reversal, under voltage and surge. 
√  Automatic duty sharing system designed to ensure even wear on the refrigeration units with run-hour meter. 
√  A timer operated electric defrosting system with a condensate drip tray and drain connection. 
√  With sealants for air tightening the cut outs between mono-block units, pipes and wall panel. 
√  Temperature control: The thermostat is calibrated to ITS-90 and accuracy is ± 0.5°C. 
√  Internal temperature: +2°C to +8°C/-20°C adjustable. 
√  Refrigerant gas: R290 HC gas, GWP<5 and ODP=0.  

Panel construction
√  Internal and external surfaces of zinc coated polyester coating steel surface(Stainless steel is optional). Tongued and grooved joints between panels are designed to minimize cold-bridging.  
√  Insulation material: CFC-free polyurethane foamed-in-place, density min.40+_2 kg/cbm, fire-retardant. 
√  Insulation thickness: optional,  K-value< 0.17 W/m²K.
√  Floor construction: Floor panels have a finish with hard-wearing non-slip finish material. With heavy duty hinges and lock with internal safety release.
√  Door construction: Upon request. 

Alarm System
√  A mains-operated audible and visible alarm with battery backup and automatic recharge is triggered in the event of mains failure, with battery backup and automatic recharge. 
√  Temperature Monitoring System: A dial thermometer, complying with PQS E006/TH02. 
√  Optional WHO/PQS qualified Remote temperature monitoring system