• Zero-dose children: Reaching the unreached

    Worldwide, more than 17 million children went unvaccinated in 2020. As Gavi and others work to close gaps in vaccine access, here’s how PATH can help. ...

    2022-05-15 admin 94

  • LeSafe 5L safety box certified by WHO PQS

    LeSafe 5L safety box is a device to hold used syringes and needels, which has passed WHO lab test and evtually got PQS certified in March, 2022. ...

    2022-04-14 admin 106

  • On the road to against COVID-19

    After 5 months hard working by different parties, finally LEFF had successfully delivered all the ordered items to two of the biggest NGOs. The supply includes millions of coveralls, millions of surgical and isoaltion gowns, millions of N95 ...

    2021-06-19 admin 70

  • LG certified completed

    Our lighting system LSF-01 and SLF-02 are certified by Lighting Global. Reference website on: ...

    2021-06-19 admin 175

  • GOGLA Annual Geneve

    On behalf of Leff, Mr. Gao participated an Off- and Weak-grid refrigeration Global Market Development Roundtable alongside the GOGLA Annual Gene ...

    2021-06-19 admin 143

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