Product Name:WASH kits

Item No.:WASH kits for household

Product details

General description:
First Response WASH and Dignity kit, packed for 1 Family/Household. 

Technical specifications:
Immediate Response WASH & Dignity kit sufficient for the needs of 1 Family/Household - for early response in emergencies.
The kit is designed for a family of five; including two adults and three children/adolescents; for emergency situations for a period of one month.

Kit contents:
(Quantity x S-number – Item description)
14 x Soap, toilet, bar, 120g, total fatty matter content is 75%
1   x Sope case, plastic
7   x Laundry soap, 200g
2   x Cotton Clothes, 1M x 2M
3   x Toothbrush adult
4   x Toothbrush children
2   x Toothpaste
5   x Towel
1   x Shampoo

2   x Sanitary pad
2   x Plastic jerry can
1   x Plastic bucket
2   x Nail Cutter (stainless)
1   x Aftaba (plastic jug)

Transport and storage
Packaging: Packed in heavy duty double wall export cartons

Instructions for use
One kit is sufficient for the needs of 1 family for one month (5 people)
For early response in emergencies

Precondition for utilisation
Initial distribution to new beneficiaries might require explanation on contents, their use and associated benefits.

Emergency scenarios
For primary use in displacement environment or natural disasters resulting in loss of equipment and infrastructure
In case of disruption of safe water supply

Context in which item is mainly used
Displacement and disruption of safe water supply

Target population