Product Name:Solar Direct Drive Air Conditioner

Item No.:SDD Aircon

Product details


»  100% efficiency of solar power consumption, not a bit of energy waste

»  Solar DC and AC hybrid powered,automatically take solar energy as priority 

»  Full DC system,high efficiency, SEER up to 23

»  Wide range of AC input,50/60Hz,160V-270V,meet the remote network voltage instability area

»  Wide range of ambient temperature:-15℃~58℃, Meet T3 work environment

»  No batteries /inverter/controller needed,lower investment than DC off-grid type

»  Eco-Friendly R410/R32 Refrigerant

»  Easy installation,connect directly with solar panels

»  Intelligent power supply display,real-time update of power input

»  Regular solar panels can be used,3-10 pcs can be freely embraced

»  Washable filters

»  Digital wireless remote