Product Name:Freeze-free Vaccine Carrier

Item No.:PQS certified FFVC-1.7L

Product details

FFVC-1.7L is certified by WHO PQS, the PQS code is E004/051. 

√   With molded strong and soft foam pad to hold different size vaccine vials which can be veryconveniently to the nurse during  immunization process;
√   Free of CFC polyurethane foam is injected in the double walls of the b
ody, up to 40mm thickness, which provides more than 33 hours hold over time @ 43C;

√   User friendly designed backpack to hold the carrier which is considerate for the nurse to carry for a long time walk. Furthermore, a light reflection belt can make the doctor much more visible and safer in the night walking;
√   Optional chargeable mono-crystalline high efficient solar panel to charge the nurse’s mobile or other electronic devices during  vaccination.

Data and Performance:
»  Outer Dimension: 308x308x300mm
»  Inner Dimension: 100x100x190mm
»  Vaccine Storage: 1.7 Litres (Effective Capacity)
»  Full loaded Weight: 8 kg
»  Empty Weight: 4kg
»  External Material:HDPE
»  Inner lining Material of box: PP
»  Insulation Material: CFC Free Polyurethane 
»  Insulation Material: Polyurethane CFC Free
»  Density of Insulation Layer: ≥40-45 kg/m3
»  Thickness of Insulation PU: 42mm
»  Cold life +43℃: 33hours42mins
»  Warm life-20℃: 15hours17mins
»  Nos. Of Water packs: 4pcs x0.6L

Case study
On the vast African continent, in the beautiful and rich American jungles, and on the colorful tropical islands, LEFF vaccine transportation devices are widely used or are being distributed everywhere. From Nigeria in the west of Africa to Tanzania in the east, from Venezuela in the north of South Latin America to Chile in the south, from Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean to Tuvalu, the Pacific island country, LEFF cold boxes are loaded with valuable vaccines and is shipped from the cold storage center of countries and regions, by the motorcycles, tricycles, and trucks, are transported to the primary vaccination station, and then transported to the front line of vaccination by the staff with LEFF vaccine carrier, bringing immunization to countless people.