Product Name:Freeze-free Cold Box

Item No.:FFCB-15L

Product details


FFCB-15L is certified by WHO PQS, the PQS code is E004/057.

What is called Freeze-free
Freeze-free, also knowns as“User Independent Freeze Protective”(UIFP) technology, is the latest technology on off-grid passive devices certified by WHO to protect vaccines from being frozen by the ice packs during transportation. 

In many undeveloped countries, the people are in the situation of lack of immunizations to avoid the spread of some infective diseases. Every year, some groups like GAVI donate plenty of precious vaccines to make immunization in such countries to block the way of infective disease spread. 
However, approx. 35% of vaccines are facing the risk of freezing during transportation because of the imperfect design of conventional passive devices and the carelessness of the health workers. That means some people may lose the chance to get immunization because of the waste of frozen vaccines and thus face the risk of being infected by some lethal diseases. 

High Freezing risk
According to WHO research, approx. 35% of vaccines in transport exposed to freeze excursions in the use of conventional passive devices, due to: 
√   Ice packs not properly preconditioned 
√   Ice packs improperly packed in box 
√   Ice packs in direct contact with antigens 

What our freeze protective products bring
√   First of all, no vaccines will be frozen and spoilt during transportation, 100% of the vaccines are well protected and a big sum of money will be saved.
√   Secondly, the users can put into the ice packs into the carrier/box directly without conditioning, additionally, the packs' positions are regular, which greatly saves the time of preparation and increases the working efficiency.
√   Thirdly, the vaccine donators will not have to make extra procurement for the spoilt vaccines, the working efficiency is increased. 
√   Eventually, the efficiency increase and the protection of the precious vaccines help approx. 30% of people avoiding facing the risk to not get immunization for the first time.
√   During COVID-19, the vaccines become much more precious than before, and to have a freeze protective carrier/box is the first choice for a vaccine against COVID.

Data and Performance:
»  Outer Dimension: 770x540x470mm
»  Inner Dimension: 415x185x200mm
»  Vaccine Storage: 15.4 Litres (Efficentive Capacity)
»  Full loaded Weight: 49.9 kg
»  Empty Weight: 24kg
»  External MaterialHDPE
»  Inner lining Material of box: PP
»  Insulation Material: CFC Free Polyurethane
»  Density of Insulation Layer: ≥40-45 kg/m3
»  Thickness of Insulation PU: 110mm
»  Cold life +43℃:106hours 9mins
»  Warm life -20℃: 55hours 24mins
»  Minimum rated  Ambient: 15℃
»  Nos. Of Water packs: 21pcs x0.6L