Product Name:Safety Box

Item No.:LeSafe 5L safety box

Product details


LeSafe 5L safety box and got PQS certified, PQS code is E010/018.

Background and description
Poorly managed sharps waste exposes health workers and the general communityto injuries, infection and environmental pollution. The efficient, safe andenvironmentally acceptable management and disposal of such waste ensures that sharps are contained and that the risks of needle-stick injury, air and ground waterpollution are minimized. However, in some weak medical system areas, the used syringes can not be taken good care of and some of them are even be abused in drugs.
Sharps safety boxes, constructed of cardboard or other materials, flat-packed, one piece with aperture and handle. Intended use: safely and efficiently contain, transport and store used sharps injection devices until final destruction, safe disposal or recycling.

Data and Performance
»  Volume: 5.2L
»  Capacity: 100-171 pcs 0.5ml AD syringe
»  Syringe hole diametion: 39mm
»  Dimension before assembly: 595x255x4.19mm    
»  Dimension after assembly: 310x150x112mm
»  Material: cardboard / hardcard
»  Wall thickness: 1.3mm +/- 1 mm
»  Empty Weight: 254g +/- 10g
»  Pcs per carton: 25 pcs/ctn